Overcoming Life’s Toughest Challenges with Olympic Champion Scott Hamilton

Max Weigand
2 min readDec 10, 2020


I am joined by one of the greatest athletes alive, Olympic Champion and 4x World Champion in Figure Skating, Scott Hamilton. From 1981–1984, Scott dominated his sport and won every single competition, which led, amongst others, to his induction in the Olympic Hall of Fame and an Emmy Award nomination. Scott also survived multiple rounds of cancer and now spends his time helping others get through life’s toughest challenges.

Max Out Insights:

  • Have accountability and be willing to answer for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviours and actions. You can only experience major breakthroughs when you’re honest to yourself.
  • Use the love you have in your life for your career, activities or people around you to push you forward and recharge you, make it that you’re driven by love, make it your fuel.
  • A positive attitude helps you stand and cope against the daily struggles of life. Brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. It’s a way of life that makes you brighter, more successful and happier.
  • Find something in what you do that you love and hold that close.
  • Provide value beyond expected in your professional and personal life. Help, educate, empower and take action.
  • You can face rejection, but there’s always something else and it’s up to you to go there and find it.
  • Always express gratitude and practice it. Gratitude is what turns what we have into enough, and more. It is what keeps us going through the rough times.

Max Out Quotes:

  • “We don’t control the number of days we have on this earth; we only control what we do with them.”
  • “If you crave something exciting and unique, put 120% effort into it while you’re having the best time of your life.”
  • “The only disability is a bad attitude.”
  • “While there’s air in your lungs, there’s life in your body.”
  • “Every story can have a happy ending.”
  • “it’s not always what happens, it’s how you respond to it.”
  • “Figure out where you’re weak and get strong.”

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